Photo of the week 2 : Wrath of Zeus's thunderbolt


I sit, with the blinds and windows wide open to the elements. 
Everything inside is turned off, no distractions. 
I feel mist from the rain rushing in to caress me. 
The world looks fuzzy though all the droplets parading to earth. 
Like a celestial firework, the sky lights up, exposing it's details for a stray minute. 
The deep rumble penetrates through my entire being. 
 I've tuned out everything else, enjoying nature's fierceness. 
 I remain aware that I'm not truly safe from it, as it can turn on you in a moment. 
 But only slightly, as I see the thunderbolt through the air. 
 The crash a moment later rattles everything, but I hardly notice. 
 For a short period, I am totally relaxed by the fury. 
 I shall soon continue my life, my routine. But for a moment.
 A moment of awe and beauty, from the chaos of the elements.

Source : By Saige



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