When Dusk Falls on City of Lakes

I have always felt that, the best way to see the beauty of any place is to gaze the sun rising up or resting down. On my experience when the dusk falls, and if you are at a peaceful place you can easily see the blues, pinks and yellows take cover of the sky. Although dusk  can be a lot noisy if you are on busy streets, but amazing if you love the cityscape.

Udaipur is a beautiful city with vast man-made lakes. It has temples,  mountain tops of Aravali ranges and amazing people.

Best time to visit Udaipur is almost every month after June, when there is greenery every where, a little  breeze of monsoon air etc. There are two temples within the city, which are visited by many locals on daily basis. Nimach Mata Temple and Karni Mata Temple. Both are on mountain tops and requires a bit of hike to reach. But as they say if you want something amazing you'll have to sweat a lot. So after being dog-tired hike to the mountain top, the exhaustion will fade away immediately when you see the breath taking image of the entire city.

The wind gushing and pampering your sweaty face makes you feel fulfilled. You will appraise your decision to take the hike.

I would seriously recommend every traveler and tourist to visit both of these temples if you are an off-beat traveler. Museums and Palaces are just attractions, but if you want the happiness and satisfaction of your trip to Udaipur, don't miss these temples.

I was fortunate enough to be at one of those temples recently to enjoy the colorful evening and experience the cool breeze. You can yourself decide if you want to visit it after watching the following presentation.

City palace as seen from Karni Mata temple. 






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