8 Things I realized as a Woman Traveler

Author Shelly Sharma is 24, single and an independent girl who moved out of her home for studies at 17 and is now settled in Mumbai, working as an Assistant Director in films and a freelance photographer.

She feels, this country and its beliefs for a girl, binds her. She said, '' I'm in a process where I'm getting to know myself better and I'm still evolving for who I should be. I don't want to stop, I don't want to limit myself and nor will I let anyone else do that for me. The world would be a much better place you know, if we let others be what they are and more importantly if we stop trying to change ourselves from being what we are meant to be. "



With our over protective parents around we become too scared to go out on our own. And well, the kind of men we come across in those public transports, government offices  and sometimes in our daily lives, some of our own guy friends who turn out to be such perverts, we are ought to be scared. Though, it is safe when you go out there on your own and when you travel around with the help of localities, live in their small cottages, eat with them and accept them for who they  are like they accept you. When you are able to see their hearts, it is then that your faith in mankind is restored. 


The over exaggerated advertisements and all that hype seems true when you have to choose between your work place or bed but when you are out there with no other choice left, you realize it isn’t even that big a deal. You can trek up high mountains, jump around & get lost in the forests or ride a bike for days. On my trip to Ladakh, I vividly remember as soon as I crossed the Rohtang pass I got my periods. I had to trek down a hill and find a place to do the necessary and I realized what lay ahead was three days of nonstop biking without a comfortable place to spend my nights in. It took me a while to soak all that in and then I told myself “If you can deal with that kind of blood each day, you are brave enough to deal with everything else”. Guess what, I was brave enough and so are you.


The philosophical books and places of worship might not have done much to help you connect with your inner-self, but your feminine side always needs its soul. We, as girls need good, motivating, appreciative and friendly energies around us. When you begin to travel, you slowly start recognizing the energies around and then you can differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. I remember how the little things people said around me and the flaws they pointed out bothered me so much until I went out and realized that those are just people and things, they aren’t there forever and shouldn’t be. It’s the energy that I give out to the world and take in back which surrounds me and truly that matters. 

A little kohl, a little gloss never harms anyone, that’s what I told myself all these years and I did not realize when I got used to it. We want to put those little & big things on, every time before stepping out in a crowd, stepping out in front of that cute guy not to impress them but to make ourselves feel good. Now while traveling I go to places, where I have to keep traveling for many days in a local bus, on the mountains, on the roads and in the forests, where I can’t even take a bath because there is no place to take one. Honestly this has made me so satisfied, happy and confident about my real self that I’m glad to have miss out on these comforts. There are situations when time is so less that I have to choose between watching the sunrise somewhere afar and checking my face in the mirror and somehow the sun always wins. 


Can you imagine carrying ‘your kind’ of luggage all by yourself? So, that is when you cut down on that extra bag of shoes and accessories.  After a while you realize, all you need is a 50 Liters bag pack with some essential attire to handle the cold and the heat, the one pair of shoes to fit every journey and you are good to go.  


Now this does not limit to us girls only, this one is the problem with our entire generation. We have gradually made our cell phones a very essential part of our lives; we forget to realize that we once lived without these and can do it again, happily. Looking at those birds flying in the sky, sipping from a glass of chilled lime juice by the sea or staring into the space on a starry night is far more interesting than checking your Instagram and Twitter notifications every minute.  There, you won’t get bored because there is something to admire and appreciate in each moment.


No, it does not mean that feminism is unnecessary. A very large part of our society and the world needs it but you for your own self, you do not anymore. When you are climbing up those high mountains, swimming alone in the ocean, riding through the highways, at times when your guy friends are lost behind you somewhere and you actually are the one leading the way, you just know you are no less than any of the men out there. Once you know it for yourself, you won’t feel the need to prove it to anyone else. In the end it’s all about discovering yourself and not proving a point.


And there is so much more to life than the little world you’ve always been living in and living for. Family, boyfriend, friends & society cannot bind the free spirit that you really are. Take a break girl, let go off, of the things which hold you back, get over the work pressure and take a deep breath. “Break out of that shell and create a free, brighter and happier world for you”.  I remember saying it to myself once and I want to tell you the same now. You need to stop thinking so much because you know when you close your eyes you can see yourself singing and dancing, if left alone in the wild and yes this is what you were born to do; to be wild & free.


Shelly is an inspiration to all the girls at her age, who dream to travel but are scared to do so, because of the age old customs which binds them. Traveling is not just for fun and leisure, but it revitalizes your energies and broadens your mind.



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  2. You are too kind with your words. Thank you so much for this. It'd be really nice though if I could know the name of this fan :]

  3. what a morning for me am fortunate to read all this good stuff.It's really inspiring one more big fan added to your list today.

    Am gonna plan a trip soon to a random place which i should have planned earlier with my backpack and camera!!!

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  5. I love your spirit Shelly



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