5 day Black and White Photography Challenge

I was challenged by a friend to post five photographs, one each, per day. Now these photographs were not any ordinary color photographs. It had to be related to any theme you choose but it should be Black and White. So I opened my treasure of photographs which I clicked during my travels and posted one each day. "It was not mentioned you have to click one too ;)"

     A woman smiles as she ties the turban 

 An old guy praying for peace in the middle of the streets of Leh

A Ladakhi woman with the textures of old age

Two young monks

Last but not the least its an ultimate portrait which shows the love of a mother and child. A child will never fear if it is embracing its mother.



  1. Impressive photographs! You have a nice blog, Nitin. Keep doing the good work. Cheers :-)

    1. Thank You Renuka !

      I'll surely learn from peers like yourself and improve the blog as it goes.

  2. Love the Overall Presentation !!! Keep up the Good Work :)

  3. Thank You Souvik. Its pleasure getting appreciation from a talented blogger like you



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