Memories from Ubeshwar and Keleshwar

It was the start of the weekend and I woke up early smelling the cold breeze. I watched out of the window and there was greenery all around and the beautiful smell of the early morning gave jitters to me to go out and enjoy this gift of nature.

So I called up my buddies and woke all of  them up, after hearing lots of shouting from them for waking them up early  (They thanked me later though). We took our motor bikes and so began the journey to Ubeshwar and Keleshwar Waterfalls.

Ubeshwar is a Shiv Temple situated 25 km from Udaipur. As it is said that the path traveled to reach a destination is more beautiful than the destination itself, same thing happened with us. We never saw Udaipur being so beautiful as we saw that day, it was mixture of everything wonderful combined together. From early morning breeze, to green mountains sound of the wind gushing by and a sweet cold atmosphere.

It was green all around and we enjoyed the drizzling at some places and also fought the scorching sun. It was mixture of weather which made the Aravali mountain ranges even more alluring. It was like sun was playing 'peek a boo' with us.

We reached the temple and after paying our homage to the Lord Shiva we continued our journey to Keleshwar Waterfalls which was around 10 kms from Ubeshwar. We were all set to jump in the waterfalls and enjoy the fresh water bath.

We could see the waterfall from far away which made us even more excited to reach there fast. Finally we started to climb up the mountain to our ultimate destination the waterfall. We saw trails of water gushing by our sides and its speed gave us the chills of how fast the waterfall is flowing.

We reached the top and were so tired that we wanted to jump in the waterfall and begone with the pain of the trek.There were some amazing wild things we found during our trek to the top, out of which this flower stand completely different from all the green.

After the bath in the cold water we were so hungry that we did not wait until we reached back to the city, but we asked a local villager to cook some ' Dal Bati' for us and by god the taste of the food was 'finger licking good'. And then we headed back to our house and after that we slept like never before completely carefree when we reached home.



  1. Wow. I haven ever seen this part of Udaipur.

    1. Thank You

      I really like your work too.

      And you have not seen many remote places in Udaipur too if you haven't seen Ubeshwar. There are places which will make you feel you are in Kerala..Amazing waterfalls at very remote locations which are hard to find. I read your about section and I think you should come to udaipur for such non-crowded places

  2. Hey Nitin,
    Good information and created excitement to visit there.

  3. Your travelogue is very interesting



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